Why we do it

Within our community there are vast and valuable linguistic skills. By recognizing and developing these valuable skills, we not only enhance this asset for our local community but also enable our members to:

  • improve their employability and broaden their career options;
  • gain in self-confidence;
  • actively participate in and contribute to their local community.

We do this by widening access to training and higher-level skills; providing work experience opportunities and promoting peer support.


We specifically work with women who face particular barriers in terms of accessing further education and employment. Many of our members:

  • have childcare and/or caring responsibilities,
  • are refugees or asylum seekers,
  • are long term unemployed,
  • only have qualifications or work experience from their home countries, which are not always recognised here in the UK


By helping to increase the number of professionally trained interpreters in Cardiff, Let’s Interpret also aims to contribute to equality of access to services and support for non-English speakers in the city.